CAWI Message of Solidarity to UMA


Message of Solidarity

Dear member UMA


I have great pleasure in sending you this message of solidarity on behalf of CAWI on the occasion of the AGM of UMA.

The peasants and workers are confronted with various challenges in the context of neo liberalist globalization. Particularly the women and children are subjected to poverty, sexual violence, grips of war and discriminations.

The farmers are losing their greener and fertile lands, with the mode, prices and marketability of their products determined by Multinational Companies. The government, and even the judiciary are being dictated by the MNCS.

The workers have been put to eternal poverty without being paid reasonable living wages: without social welfare and housing facilities, their rights denied and suppressed.
This has created a background for the farmers and workers around the world to struggle for human rights, and democratic rights.

Whilst appreciating the UMA for sharing in their struggle, we wish well for UMA’s emergence as a dynamic force to give them leadership.

P.P. Sivapragasam
Secretary General – CAWI
P.O. Box 171
Kandy, Sri Lanka.

UMA 2016 sticker


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